Club Photo Album

Thanks for visiting our club's photo album. 

John Beyer with Chief Gordon Ramsay
2012 Police and Firefighter of the year awards in May

2012 Firefighter of the Year! Conrad Sunde

Police Officer of the Year Award! Angela Robertson

Dennis Anderson Suprise "Roast" after his retierment...
Bob Aspling, Carol Snoeyebos, Keith Johnson, Mike Lamminen,
Jim Anderson, Peggy Anderson, Tim Velner, Pat, Dennis Anderson

We had a cake for Dennis Anderson and Darren Danielson's Job swop

George Lah, sang Dennis Anderson a fun song for his retirement!

Flip Flop...
Darren Danielson, took over for Dennis Anderson's WDIO hoasting duties on his retirement, and Dennis Anderson took over Darren's hoasting duties for Almanac North - FUNNY!!

State Sen. Roger Reinert with Don Lilyquist

Mike Lamminen with 

Rebecca Wise with Tim Velner

Beth Johnson with Noel Stenstadvold being very silly!!

John Beyer, Jeff Papas and Pat Scherman

Keith Johnson and one very happy child

President Keith Johnson inducting Gordy Mesedahl to the Board

Mike Sundberg and Darren Danielson - beat that drum boys!

Beth and Denny Nelson

Rob and Jen Swor

Darren Danielson with Dizzy the Clown

Jessica Stauber and Christina Blettner

Dennny Nelson and Dennis Anderson

Peggy Anderson feeding the troops at the 2012 Kiwanis Auction!

2012 Auction - David Schaeffer and Tom Simmonson

2012 Auction - Eileen Patterson working the phone banck at the auction!

2012 Auction - Rob Swor, JC Olsen and Bab Aspling

2012 Auction - Kiwanis Key Club working the phone bank at the auction!

Ron Carlson, Pat Scherman and Jessica Stauber

the Daredevils - Duluth East High School's robotics team

Jen Crown, Luke Petrich with Glenn Minets

Kiwanis Club of Friendly Duluth was chartered January 30, 1917 !!!!