The Mission of Kiwanis:  
As a thriving organization of men, women, and youth, we are dedicated to servicing the children of the world and improving the quality of life worldwide.

Complete this application and email to the address below.

• Name (Agency or Individual)
• Address
• City, State, Zip
• Phone or Cell
• e-mail Address
• Contact Person (If different then above)
• Amount of money requested
• Funds required by (date)
• Are you a non-profit 501c3?
• If not who is your fiscal agent?
• How did you hear about Kiwanis funding?
• Have you received Kiwanis funding in the past?
• Yes - how much?
• Number of children expected to benefit from this project?
• Area served by this project?

Please include a listing of your Board of Directors Names.

Describe the community project, activity or program these funds would support.

Goals & Objectives of project.

How will you evaluate the success of your project?

Budget.  (How will the Kiwanis dollars be spent?)  
Please list other sources of support for your project 

How will Kiwanis be recognized for supporting your project?

Would you be willing to present a program to our Kiwanis club in the future?

If you received Kiwanis money in the past, please tell us how this money 
was used and how many children benefited form our donation.

Is a representative from your organization an active member or
interested in becoming a member of our Kiwanis club?

Committee reviews funding requests on the second Tuesday of each month (October through May) and makes recommendations to the Kiwanis Board of Directors the following week.  Applicant will receive a letter informing them of our decision later that week.

Kiwanis Funds primarily support programs that benefit children.

Kiwanis Club of Friendly Duluth
PO Box 16265
Duluth, MN 55816